Tinder dating site, the new phenomenon of online dating applications. With its location-based software and on the basis of your mutual Facebook friends, your interests networks and centers, Tinder dating app indicates the most compatible profiles in a radius of 70 km radius, each potential match is classified according to its degree acute. Obviously the more you use the app, it has more data on your tastes and preferences and your rating will be elevated to the Future or (e) elected (e) angel (it).

What is Tinder?

Until then nothing extraordinary will you tell us! This is actually making the anonymous meeting up mutual approval of both interested Tinder that stands out from the competition. And carries a box on American campuses. Use the Facebook data as the basis for compatibility information. The new Tinder application beautiful it does not report its data back to the social network, or encumber Wall Timelines and its users, these two features are not enough to make it the winner of our interest.

Tinder dating site is different:

Until the interest is mutual, you will be unable to make contact with the person you anonymously “LiKee”. No message or picture before the favor to be returned, but only a note and a resort! Once mutually validated, both potential future partners can communicate via chat or Facebook Tinder to secure the physical encounter. According to Sean Rad, if prior authentication via Facebook reduces the chances of exposing the fairer sex to patibulaires wenches hunters Tinder already thinking to integrate age categories. Eventually, it also meant more emphasis on the social circles that the interests to pre-qualify the relationships that build hope.

Supported financially by the giant IAC – owner of Match.com, veteran dating sites – Tinder offers a new experience, more subtle, to dredge a specific demographic category: the mobile generation, so quickly fell in love with Snapchat, symbol of his demand for mobile and social interaction tools. Four months after its launch, the application tested in Beta in US universities has released two revealing figures on the success of its approach: already 35 million registered profiles and 65% of active users every day.

For its CEO Sean Rad, Tinder attracts students avoiding the pitfalls of social exposure, malicious and repeated male incompatibilities. Suffice to say by offering a more subtle approach to an already fed her target fingerprint weapons in its research partners.


Tinder The Most Popular Social Network:

Still faulty economic model, Tinder clearly wants to avoid advertising to monetize its success. The application rather considering the enthronement of virtual goods purchases, Facebook has proved that people were seduced by this vector of engagement with each other. A new fundraiser is planned in a few months while the application continues to evolve based on feedback from its users.

Tinder dating site

With 35 million profiles the viral Tinder reflects the necessary adaptation of digital innovation to provide appropriate and flexible responses to the needs of a frivolous generation certainly, but also loyal.

With over 10 million subscribers, Tinder has revolutionized the world of dating, proposing to meet people with a geolocation system. Out of curiosity, our contributor Henry Roux-Dessarps wanted to test the application. Between analysis and testimony, he returns to this unusual experience for him.

After a few slides fingers on the screen of my smartphone, I am on Tinder, talking with more or less well-meaning unknown perfect. Meetic 2.0 for some, a source of amusement, pleasures and games for others.

Why on Tinder? That is THE question eventually. In asking repeatedly, I note that few people respond positively. Many prefer to hide behind their little finger, lest their sincerity covers shame.


We can look for love as a sex on Tinder:

Some will find one (or more) ass plan. Some use it to pass the time. Some are curious. Some use it to make paris with friends, that is the one that will get the most affinity (also-called “games”).

Some take the opportunity to further dredge dating sites often considered intrusive and synonyms heads outlets. Some seek true love. Some come to inflate their egos getting the most out of games, and some want to test their powers of seduction without necessarily go further.

On Tinder, there is everything. If the physical play in life on this application, people often bring nothing but pictures to describe efficiently.

Surely the most popular app of the moment, you will recognize with its red flame … but not only! Indeed, far from the boom in conventional dating applications to Meetic, Badoo and company, Tinder is based on one principle: the “matches”.

So to “matcher” (make a match, note *) is simple: the picture of a person appears (women or men depending on your settings) and it is then offered two choices; love (and therefore maintain the possibility of a “match”) or decline. Apart from this principle of “matches”, there are of course what makes the popularity of this application: geolocation and ease of use.

A big downside, however, like any dating tool, more Tinder becomes more popular we can see the presence of “bots” (robots, roughly automatic computer response created just to annoy you, note) and especially among female profiles!

Tinder, a mobile application that allows you to make many close encounters on the basis of simple pictures. This type of simple application, fast and intuitive, is becoming increasingly popular, especially seduced the young.
Photo and geolocation in the heart of the strategy of Tinder

Registration for Tinder is via his Facebook account. The application then retrieves the first name of the user, their profile pictures, their age, their friends list and information about the pages he loves. Tinder then uses geolocation to find the closest users and scrolls through the pictures of these profiles. Two people will not then put in relationship as if they were mutually pleased, so “like”. They can then communicate via instant messaging, and maybe more.
Other: Tinder wants discreet and does not publish status on the Facebook wall of its users.

The Tinder application is available for download on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

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